The book is complete and is off for final reviews

I just wanted to share a quick update on the status of “Programming Windows 8 Apps using Microsoft Visual C++”.

As of today, I have completed the content and samples of the 6 chapters that comprise the book. For first timers, here is the list of chapters in the book. I have sent the final content for reviews internally and if things go well, it should be handed over to the press folks soon.

I do plan to add some bonus content and am working on it. I will share the details on what exactly goes into the bonus content as we get closer to the book launch. I am really excited on the bonus content and I hope you will all like it.

Now it is off to the world’s largest AppFest at Bengaluru on Sep 21-22, 2012.



11 thoughts on “The book is complete and is off for final reviews”

  1. I’m a software engineer developing WPF-based GUI apps, and I would love to read it before November… how do you feel about sending me a copy of the ebook in exchange for a promise of a review (on Amazon or wherever you please) and a promise to buy the book from O’Reilly once it becomes available?

  2. Hi Sridhar,

    Would love to receive a prepublication draft if you’re not contractually prohibited, i.e. as in Consumer Preview eBook a la Charles Petzold’s Programming Windows, 6th.

    All the best,
    A fellow programmer

      1. No worries! 🙂

        If it’s alright, though, is it possible to e-mail a(n unedited / unreviewed) draft of the final copy? … Waiting another one to two months seems like too long a time to wait. 🙂

        Again, all the best,
        Doktor Faustus

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