Announcement: Book on C++ /Cx and Metro style app development


I am happy to announce an upcoming book on C++ /Cx and Metro style app development. This book is currently in the works and will be published by Microsoft Press. I present a brief list of topics that are covered in the book.

1. Windows Runtime, WRL and writing apps using WRL.

2. C++ /Cx and C++ 11 features.

3. XAML and C++ /Cx (includes discussion on XAML plus DirectX)

4. Incorporating C++ AMP in Metro style apps.

5. Building WinRT components using C++ /Cx

6. Unit Testing support for C++ in VS 2011.

C++ 11 is new; C++ /Cx is new and so is WinRT. I am super excited to work on these technologies and author a book. Stay tuned for more!!


16 thoughts on “Announcement: Book on C++ /Cx and Metro style app development

  1. Andrew7Webb

    Great, I sure could use such a book today. I like your Hello World too.

    If I have a piece of XAML like

    and I want to recreate it in C++, I can do
    auto dynPolyLine = ref new Windows::UI::Xaml::Shapes::PolyLine();
    but how do I implement the Stroke portion?

    More generally, what method and documentation should I use to translate the XAML into runtime C++?

      1. sridharpoduri Post author

        Can you try this and let me know if it works or not?
        Windows::UI::Xaml::Style^ style = dynamic_cast(App::Current->Resources->Lookup(“BasicRichTextStyle”));
        SetterBaseCollection^ coll = style->Setters;
        Setter^ b = (Setter^)coll->GetAt(0);
        myLine->Stroke = (Brush^)b->Value;

  2. sridharpoduri Post author

    a one line solution to the question posted by @Andrew7Webb above is Media::Brush^ brush= dynamic_cast( App::Current->Resources->Lookup( “ApplicationTextBrush” ) );

    1. sridharpoduri Post author

      @Tom I don’t know what the folks at Microsoft Press would decide about external reviewing. I would be glad to receive as much feedback as possible though. Will update this blog once the approach is finalized 🙂

  3. Andrew7Webb

    I have been trying to get a a project solution running in which one project is based on the BlankPage template and contains XAML, and uses Windows::UI::Xaml… classes. The other project should be a library of some sort so that I can reuse functions in a third project. This library project will contain pure C++ functions, and also use Windows::UI::Xaml classes.

    I’m not sure what template I should use and how I should configure the project. I tried to use the “Static library (Metro style apps)” template, and then configure C++ | General | Consume Windows Runtime Extension to Yes. Is that the right approach?

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  5. Sopan

    Hello SridharPoduri Sir,
    i am extremely sorry for what i am going to ask.
    I am student and new to programming. is is possible to learn Metro Style Development using C++/CX From the Scratch ?
    if Yes then Please Guide.
    if No then tell me what prerequisites are.

    Thank You.


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