TFSPreview : Hosted Source Control and Build engine Service in the cloud

One of the things that has been taking up my time over the past few months has been the availability of a source control repository for the samples I am authoring for my book. My requirements were simple:

1. It should guarantee my privacy for the code I am working on and integrate well with Visual Studio 2012.

2. It should provide an integrated bug management facility (not that I am using this extensively right now, but would still prefer to have this available).

3. Should have the ability to build Metro-style apps either using the hosted build controller or via an extension mechanism.

After much wrangling, I began using the free hosted TFS service from Microsoft. This is currently in preview and available free of cost at

While the hosted TFS service is limited, it does meet my current needs of integrating well with Visual Studio 2012 and providing a mechanism to build Metro-style apps using my own build engine instance.

You might want to give this service a try. Who knows, you might like it and eventually begin using it Smile


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