Experiments with Hosted TFS and building Metro-style apps

I have blogged earlier about hosted TFS service provided by Microsoft. The hosted TFS service is available for free at http://tfspreview.com. One limitation with the current hosted service is this: If you create a build definition for a Metro-style app and try to build using the hosted build controller, the build fails.

I wanted to have the ability to build Metro-style apps. One way to achieve this is to install the Visual Studio Team Foundation Services 2012 on a Windows 8 machine. This machine could be a physical machine or a VM. All it needs is the ability to connect to the internet. Once you configure a build controller on this machine, you can then use the build controller from the Win8 machine to build your Metro-style apps.

So I created a Windows 8 machine with a custom build controller. Now every time I want to build my code hosted on the TFS service, I use the custom build controller instead of the hosted build controller. The builds kick off and complete successfully.

All is well now.


P.S: My main motivation to setup this is to build the samples for my book at a regular frequency. Now I can build when I want and to my heart’s content Smile

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