A great way to spend the weekend

If you get excited about technology and learning new things, here is an update on my learning activity this past weekend.

  1. Learn XAML and programming XAML using C++ /Cx.
  2. With the C++ Renaissance in full swing at Microsoft and in the industry, I could not use “just” XAML but became more interested in what “ponies” the XAML framework offers for C++ developers.
  3. Discover the DirectX and XAML interop facilities that are available exclusively to native C++ developers.
  4. Learn the techniques of mixing XAML and DirectX in Modern Windows 8 UI style apps.
  5. Still not satisfied and looking for more “ponies”, discover C++ AMP.
  6. Learn C++ AMP and its support for DirectX textures etc.
  7. Write one cool app integrating XAML + DirectX + C++ AMP.
  8. Attain digital nirvana Smile

Feel good about the coolness of writing native code and all the facilities that are available to folks like us!!

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