Programming Windows 8 Applications using C++ /CX–An update on the book

I have been thinking of providing an update on the status of my work on authoring “Programming Windows 8 Applications using Microsoft Visual C++”. Today marks a good time for a teaser Smile

As announced earlier, there are 6 chapters and I am almost done with 4 chapters along with samples that explain the finer concepts of the new platform. Here is a breakdown on the content in each of the chapters.

Chapter 1 – The Windows Runtime

  1. Introduction
  2. Traits of Windows 8 apps*
  3. What is the Windows Runtime?
  4. Playing by the rules of the Windows Runtime
  5. Mapping Windows 8 app* traits to the Windows Runtime
  6. A New UI Framework for C++ developers
  7. Introduction to the Windows Runtime Library
  8. Working with the Windows Runtime Library

Chapter 2 – Introduction to C++ /CX

  1. Introduction
  2. C++ /CX, Windows Runtime and ISO C++
  3. The C++ /CX Type System
  4. Asynchronous Programming in C++ /CX
  5. A peek inside the magic of C++ /CX
  6. Guidance on the use of C++ /CX

Chapter 3 – Programming XAML using C++ /CX

  1. Introduction
  2. Hello World with XAML and C++ /CX
  3. Basic XAML Syntax
  4. Using Panels to Layout UX
  5. Basic XAML Controls
  6. Windows 8 Signature XAML Controls
  7. Handling Events
  8. DataBinding
  9. Putting it all together: Developing a PhotoViewer App
  10. Introduction to XAML + DirectX
  11. Developing Apps using XAML + DirectX

Chapter 4 – C++ AMP and Windows 8* Apps

  1. Introduction
  2. The C++ AMP types
  3. Using Tiles in C++ AMP
  4. Debugging C++ AMP apps
  5. Developing Windows 8 Apps* using C++ AMP

The first three chapters are now with Microsoft Press and content being reviewed internally. I will post an update on this blog as the content moves through the various hoops and inches towards the end goal of getting into your hands.

It was fun writing all the stuff and I still have 2 more chapters to finish. Stay tuned and let me know your thoughts!!!


*Please note that all Windows 8 apps referred to here and in the book are based on the Windows Runtime and are not desktop apps.

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