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Based on technical review feedback, we (Microsoft Press, the reviewers and the author) have mutually agreed to change the title of my upcoming Microsoft Press book from “Programming Windows 8 Apps using Microsoft Visual C++” to “Modern Microsoft Visual C++ and the Windows Runtime”. The major focus of the book is about “Modern C++” not just C++ /CX (the component extensions) but also about C++11 and how you can take advantage of various features of C++11 to develop Windows Store apps.

In addition, the book also shows how C++11 features such as lambdas, the ‘auto’ keyword and shared_ptr’s can be used in conjunction with C++ /CX to develop Windows Store applications.

DirectX is a proven and well tested graphics API and the book contains full fledged samples that showcase how XAML and DirectX can be mixed and mashed together to produce Windows Store applications.

So, the book TOC has been revised to better align with the focus on Modern C++.

1. Introduction to Windows 8 Apps

2. Modern C++ and C++ /CX

3. Programming XAML using C++ /CX

4. C++ /CX, XAML and DirectX – Better together

5. Advanced GPGPU Programming

6. Under the covers

And a bunch of appendix contents on Unit testing C++ apps, tips and tricks etc.

We still remain on schedule for a launch this April.

Many thanks to all the folks who have been waiting for the launch of this book. I hope you will like the book and the content shared within it.


P.S: The various links on O’Reilly, Amazon and other sites will be reflecting the new title shortly.

13 thoughts on “Title change for my book

  1. Raul Guerrero

    wow, now ’till april? I was hoping this book was gonna be release in february.
    I want to start checking out windows 8 C++ but I guess the delay until april really impacts me.
    Is there a way to get the book as a preview ebook? like Manning’s early access program or the Apress Alpha program?

    Thanks! sounds like your book is gonna be a real windows 8 jewel

    1. sridharpoduri Post author

      Hi Raul, I certainly understand your disappointment. However, i would prefer to land a book that folks would like and appreciate rather than rush into delivering content. Hope you understand. Let me check if there will be an early access program and if one is planned, when does it start.


  2. Edwin

    Is this focused on naitive C++ or managed? My understanding is c++ cx is native. But I am thrown off by the XAML stuff, since I know nothing about it. Can native c++ and XAML work together?

  3. Kris

    Hi Sridhar,
    I am eagerly looking forward to this publication. As other members have stated April is bit far away 🙂 I have Safari Subscription from Oreilly but could not find this book on their Rough Cuts series – Would it be possible for you to push them to offer this book as Rough Cuts edition. Thanks.

    1. sridharpoduri Post author

      Hi Kris,

      We are pushing as hard as we can to finish all pending work. I will check again and post an update as soon as the final plan is ready. Thanks for your patience. In the interim, if there are topics you would want me to blog about or help in any other possible manner, please do let me know.


  4. Some Guy

    I just want some resolution to this saga 🙂 I preordered your book last Nov and saw it delayed and delayed. I was curious about the new MS extensions to C++ but now I just want to see what happens next in this saga. The book does look interesting, but every month it is delayed is another month for Windows 8 to become more of a technology dead end. Win8 didn’t really get much momentum from the beginning, and has cooled off since.

    Other MS Press books on Win8 and C++ have been delayed as well. No one else is even attempting to write one. If the new stuff is this complex, maybe it’s time to rethink.

      1. Some Guy

        Take your time – I’d rather have a great book that takes a few months longer than a rushed one. By this summer, no one will remember the delays.

  5. sandeep varma

    Dear Sridhar,
    eagerly waiting for your book, for me to make a comeback to windows desktop development in un-managed environment.

    Hope the combination of c++/cx, WinRT an xaml will help my company to create newer versions of their scada/hmi apps without depending on managed code frameworks like WPF.

    1. sridharpoduri Post author

      Hello Sandeep,

      Thank you for your enthusiasm and patience. The book should be out shortly and am confident that it will help you and your company make the transition to the WinRT world without needing to depend on managed code.



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