[Updated with purchase and discount links] Modern C++ and Windows Store Apps – A book about Modern C++ and native technologies

Over the past few months, I have been writing a book on developing apps using C++ and the various native technologies shipping as part of the Windows 8 wave. Some of these technologies include: C++11, C++ /CX, native XAML, the Windows Runtime, C++AMP, Windows Azure Mobile Services etc. I am happy to announce that the Kindle version of “Modern C++ and Windows Store apps” will be available shortly for purchase via the Amazon website. A paperback edition will also be available soon.

For purchasing the paperback edition of the book, please visit this link. You can use the discount code 5C56GCKN to get 20% discount off MRP.

For folks interested in an electronic edition, you can purchase a Kindle edition on Amazon

A quick update: This is just me self-publishing the book thereby bringing the work to its logical conclusion.

For the benefit of everyone, I am listing some of the topics that await anyone who picks up a copy of this book. For the more adventurous amongst us who would rather prefer to play with code, the book samples can be downloaded from the Downloads section of this blog.

The new native API
What is a Windows 8 App?
Quick walkthrough of a Windows 8 App

Hello Modern C++
Move semantics
Welcome to the Component Extensions
The C++ /CX Type System
Asynchronous Programming in C++ /CX
Building a WinRT component using C++ /CX and ISO-C++
Guidance on the use of C++ /CX

Introduction to XAML
Hello World with XAML and C++ /CX
Basic XAML Syntax
Using Panels to Layout UX
Basic XAML Controls
Windows 8 Signature XAML Controls
Handling Events
Markup Extensions
Data Binding
Binding to a Data Model
Building a XAML custom control
Using Animations in XAML Controls

Introduction to XAML + DirectX
Design considerations when using SiS and VSiS
The DrawIt Application – C++, XAML and DirectX

The C++ AMP Library
The ImageEffects application

Playing by the rules of the Windows Runtime
Introduction to the Windows Runtime Library
Hello World XAML App using Windows Runtime Library

Getting Started with Windows Store apps and Windows Azure Mobile Services
Creating a simple Windows Store app with Windows Azure Mobile Services
Supporting Push Notifications using Windows Azure Mobile Services

And more….

I had a lot of fun writing this stuff and learning along the way. I hope there are concepts that you can apply to your work as you build apps for the Windows 8 Store using C++.

Please send feedback on the book contents directly to win8book at sridharpoduri dot com

14 thoughts on “[Updated with purchase and discount links] Modern C++ and Windows Store Apps – A book about Modern C++ and native technologies

  1. chb

    As it seems your books goes over all the basics one needs to develop native windows8 apps. From C++/CX over PPL, WinRT and XAML. Is this correct? Because that’s what I am looking for scince all of the above can be very confusing for people new to Windows programming and the introductory material on MSDN is really scatterd. Thank you for this much needed book.

    1. sridharpoduri Post author


      Yes, there is a lot of content in the book to learn what is needed to develop native Windows Store apps. There is also advanced technologies like C++AMP and how to integrate C++AMP in Windows Store apps and build applications using XAML, C++ /CX and DirectX: all of these being the strong points of native C++ developers. I am hoping you like it.


  2. Kris

    Hi Sridhar – Will the book available via Safari Books? I checked it just now but could not find it there.


  3. Philip

    Does the book, or some other resource, cover why someone would choose C++ over a .Net-based language? Is the only scenario to port existing C++ codebases to Windows 8, or is there a good reason why someone would start a new project in C++?

    1. sridharpoduri Post author

      Hi Philip, the book covers C++/XAML+DirectX along with C++AMP. This is an inherent advantage available only for C++ developers along with productivity improvements via the C++ /CX extensions. In a devices world, apps should be written with low power consumption, execute as fast as possible while taking advantage of available hardware as much as possible etc. All of these play into the strength’s of C++ and should be one of the main reasons why a developer should consider using C++.

      This is in addition to bringing forth existing C++ code to the Windows Store platform.


  4. Philip

    Is it possible to get an EPUB version of the book? It’s nice that a Kindle version is available, but as you know, tech people seem to be the most likely to eschew Amazon’s proprietary ebook ecosystem.

  5. Fernando Gomez

    I can’t find where to buy the PDF. I want it to learn, plus I want to support everything that has to do with C++ and Windows. Any other way I can buy the PDF?



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