Where can I purchase “Modern C++ and Windows Store apps” book

There are a few avenues by which you can purchase a copy of my book, “Modern C++ and Windows Store apps”.

Obtaining a paperback edition

You can purchase a copy directly from my Createspace eStore here. Use discount code 5C56GCKN to get 20% off MRP. Please note that all orders placed via this site are fulfilled by Amazon and shipping charges apply based on destination and shipping speed.

If you are in the United States, you can purchase the book directly from Amazon by going here. I do not have any discount codes for purchases made directly at the Amazon site. Amazon also ships to various destinations across the world and shipping charges will apply.

If you are in one of the following countries, you can obtain a paperback copy by visiting the country specific Amazon site(s).

  1. United Kingdom
  2. France
  3. Italy
  4. Spain
  5. Germany

Obtaining an electronic edition

You can obtain a Kindle edition by visiting any Amazon site and searching for “Modern C++ and Windows Store apps”. Look for the Kindle edition and you should be able to purchase one easily.

For folks who prefer an ePub version, you can obtain one from Smashwords. For a limited time, you can use discount code AH86C
to get a discount off MRP.

For folks who prefer a PDF version, you can search for “Modern C++ and Windows Store apps” ebook on google. There are multiple websites offering a PDF edition for sale.

Although most PDF versions are offered as Adobe DRM’d copies, there are no restrictions whatsoever on the title itself. It is a side effect of self-publishing that Adobe Digital Editions is needed to read the PDF version L

The book samples can be downloaded from the “Downloads” page of this blog. Please send feedback/comments to win8book at sridharpoduri dot com

Thanks and happy reading.

Sridhar Poduri

16 thoughts on “Where can I purchase “Modern C++ and Windows Store apps” book

  1. Philip White

    I bought the ebook on Smashwords, but the EPUB isn’t very good. The fonts are not consistent, and source code is not indented correctly. Is it possible for me to get the PDF? I don’t see this option listed on Smashwords…

    1. sridharpoduri Post author

      Hi Philip, i do not see the issue with the ePub when i download a copy from smashwords. can you share your email id? i will send across a copy to you directly.

      Sorry for the inconvenience.

      1. Philip White

        Hi. Thanks for the prompt response. I am sure that my copy is not corrupt, but due to how EPUB works, it’s most likely an issue with the reader. I am reading it on a Windows RT tablet using Freda as the reader. Have you tried that reader, or do you recommend another one?

        1. sridharpoduri Post author

          Hi, I have tested the ePub using these softwares. i created the ePub from xHTML using Calibre and Sigil.
          1. Tested using Calibre and Sigil on desktop.
          2. Tested using Adobe Digital Editions on desktop.
          3. Tested using Amazon Kindle on Surface RT for the Amazon edition.
          4. Tested using Book Bazaar Reader on Surface RT for the ePub. No issues reported here. In fact, code examples and formating have been preserved.
          5. I tested today using Freda and did notice that formating has been lost. Dont know if it is Freda or the ePub file that is the culprit.
          Can you please re-download the file from Smashwords? I made some changes to the file yesterday and hope those will the issues you are facing. If not, i will share a copy via email.

          1. sridharpoduri Post author

            I am confused why different readers interpret the same format in so many different ways. I can send across a PDF file (non-DRM) if you are ok with it? Please send mail to win8book at sridharpoduri dot com and I will share the PDF.


          2. Philip White

            I also tested the ebook with FBreader, which I consider the gold standard in EPUB processing, and something interesting happened: the latest edition of your ebook uses monospaced font for code but has no indentation, whereas the earlier edition uses variable-width font for code yet has indentation.

            I took a screenshot of FBreader’s rendering of the latest edition; it’s at the SkyDrive link above.

          3. Philip White

            I tried to email you at win8book…, and the email came back to me:

            Delivery has failed to these recipients or groups:
            Your message can’t be delivered because delivery to this address is restricted.
            Diagnostic information for administrators:
            Generating server: sridharpoduri.onmicrosoft.com
            #550 5.7.1 RESOLVER.RST.AuthRequired; authentication required ##rfc822;win8book@sridharpoduri.com

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