Userful C++ links

Some useful links posted on the vcblog and others

Building 8.1 apps (Windows Phone and Windows Store) using Visual Studio “14” CTP2

CTP2 of VS14 available CTP2 for Visual Studio “14” Now Available

A new VC++ series on Channel 9 VC++ Bytes on Channel 9

Graphics Diagnostics in Visual Studio 2013 Update 3 RC

WebSocket client support added to the C++ REST SDK C++ REST SDK WebSocket client

C Runtime (CRT) Features, Fixes, and Breaking Changes in Visual Studio 14 CTP1
Compiler Switch Deprecation/Removal Changes in Visual Studio “14”
Project Support for Natvis
C++11/14 Feature Tables For Visual Studio 14 CTP1


Rolling out the developer program for IoT Rolling out the Windows Developer Program for IoT

1 thought on “Userful C++ links

  1. Sopan

    hello sir.
    i may sound weird but i want help/resources regarding winrt. all that i found in how to build apps using c++ n xaml but what i want is how xaml works under the hood how it reaches to winrt API’s like we know about Win32 & COM please if you have any books or ebooks.
    suggest me names i did not find any good books for the same. and regarding MSDN/Documentation
    for eg. i am trying to know about IApplicationInitializationCallback in documentation but it returns no results


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