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Title change for my book

Based on technical review feedback, we (Microsoft Press, the reviewers and the author) have mutually agreed to change the title of my upcoming Microsoft Press book from “Programming Windows 8 Apps using Microsoft Visual C++” to “Modern Microsoft Visual C++ and the Windows Runtime”. The major focus of the book is about “Modern C++” not just C++ /CX (the component extensions) but also about C++11 and how you can take advantage of various features of C++11 to develop Windows Store apps.

In addition, the book also shows how C++11 features such as lambdas, the ‘auto’ keyword and shared_ptr’s can be used in conjunction with C++ /CX to develop Windows Store applications.

DirectX is a proven and well tested graphics API and the book contains full fledged samples that showcase how XAML and DirectX can be mixed and mashed together to produce Windows Store applications.

So, the book TOC has been revised to better align with the focus on Modern C++.

1. Introduction to Windows 8 Apps

2. Modern C++ and C++ /CX

3. Programming XAML using C++ /CX

4. C++ /CX, XAML and DirectX – Better together

5. Advanced GPGPU Programming

6. Under the covers

And a bunch of appendix contents on Unit testing C++ apps, tips and tricks etc.

We still remain on schedule for a launch this April.

Many thanks to all the folks who have been waiting for the launch of this book. I hope you will like the book and the content shared within it.


P.S: The various links on O’Reilly, Amazon and other sites will be reflecting the new title shortly.

Release Preview edition of Programming Windows, 6th Edition is now available

The 6th Edition of Programming Windows, updated for the Release Preview of Windows 8 is now available. Here are useful links, both for procuring the book as well as the companion content.

Release Preview edition of Programming Windows, Sixth Edition available tomorrow

Update on companion content for Release Preview edition of Programming Windows, Sixth Edition


Programming Windows 8 Applications using C++ /CX–An update on the book

I have been thinking of providing an update on the status of my work on authoring “Programming Windows 8 Applications using Microsoft Visual C++”. Today marks a good time for a teaser Smile

As announced earlier, there are 6 chapters and I am almost done with 4 chapters along with samples that explain the finer concepts of the new platform. Here is a breakdown on the content in each of the chapters.

Chapter 1 – The Windows Runtime

  1. Introduction
  2. Traits of Windows 8 apps*
  3. What is the Windows Runtime?
  4. Playing by the rules of the Windows Runtime
  5. Mapping Windows 8 app* traits to the Windows Runtime
  6. A New UI Framework for C++ developers
  7. Introduction to the Windows Runtime Library
  8. Working with the Windows Runtime Library

Chapter 2 – Introduction to C++ /CX

  1. Introduction
  2. C++ /CX, Windows Runtime and ISO C++
  3. The C++ /CX Type System
  4. Asynchronous Programming in C++ /CX
  5. A peek inside the magic of C++ /CX
  6. Guidance on the use of C++ /CX

Chapter 3 – Programming XAML using C++ /CX

  1. Introduction
  2. Hello World with XAML and C++ /CX
  3. Basic XAML Syntax
  4. Using Panels to Layout UX
  5. Basic XAML Controls
  6. Windows 8 Signature XAML Controls
  7. Handling Events
  8. DataBinding
  9. Putting it all together: Developing a PhotoViewer App
  10. Introduction to XAML + DirectX
  11. Developing Apps using XAML + DirectX

Chapter 4 – C++ AMP and Windows 8* Apps

  1. Introduction
  2. The C++ AMP types
  3. Using Tiles in C++ AMP
  4. Debugging C++ AMP apps
  5. Developing Windows 8 Apps* using C++ AMP

The first three chapters are now with Microsoft Press and content being reviewed internally. I will post an update on this blog as the content moves through the various hoops and inches towards the end goal of getting into your hands.

It was fun writing all the stuff and I still have 2 more chapters to finish. Stay tuned and let me know your thoughts!!!


*Please note that all Windows 8 apps referred to here and in the book are based on the Windows Runtime and are not desktop apps.

Announcement: Book on C++ /Cx and Metro style app development


I am happy to announce an upcoming book on C++ /Cx and Metro style app development. This book is currently in the works and will be published by Microsoft Press. I present a brief list of topics that are covered in the book.

1. Windows Runtime, WRL and writing apps using WRL.

2. C++ /Cx and C++ 11 features.

3. XAML and C++ /Cx (includes discussion on XAML plus DirectX)

4. Incorporating C++ AMP in Metro style apps.

5. Building WinRT components using C++ /Cx

6. Unit Testing support for C++ in VS 2011.

C++ 11 is new; C++ /Cx is new and so is WinRT. I am super excited to work on these technologies and author a book. Stay tuned for more!!