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It’s time to move away from Turbo C++

You might be surprised to hear that a good number of colleges (at least in India) still rely on using the ages old Turbo C++ package to teach aspiring students C++. With a new language standard and great library support, it is now time to bid goodbye to Turbo C++. I answered a few questions about Turbo C++ and Modern C++ in this month’s edition of PCQuest (Thank you Hiren Mehta and other good folks from PCQuest). Attaching the Q&A below.

201306-PC Quest-Sridhar


While Visual Studio 2012 is a great tool for developing Windows apps using C++, there are also similar utilities for other platforms that support the C++11 standard. These include, but are not limited to, GCC, Clang etc. We owe it to aspiring students and should teach and train them on the latest language standard. In case you have not checked out Modern C++, I urge you all to check out the new language and you will be pleasantly surprised at the changes!!